Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shake It Up Cafe

This year Wallace was old enough to go to Vacation Bible School. He went to Central Methodist's Bible School first and it was the Shake It Up Cafe. He had so much fun! To end their Bible School, they have a church wide picnic and sing their VBS songs at Point Mallard and then rent the water park. He was SO excited about going down the slide at Point Mallard!!!
As soon as we got there, he spotted Mrs. Donna, his teacher from last year. He was super excited to see her. He tells me all the time, "Mom, I just love Mrs. Donna".
Then he flirted with the "older women".
And ate dinner.
Emma-Glenn watched the band play.
Wallace played duck, duck, goose.
And Emma-Glenn stole everyone's shoes while they were playing (she LOVES shoes)!
Then it was time to sing! I was so proud of him! He knew all of the motions and words and did such a good job! I can't believe I left my video camera at home!
Ready to go to Point Mallard!
Checking out the wave pool.
Headed to the slide to see if Wallace was tall enough.
After waiting in line for a while, they took the climb up the stairs to the top. He was a little short but they let him go one time since the park was closed to the public.
Emma-Glenn and I waited patiently to see them come down.
Here they come!
He had SOOOO much fun!!! After that, we went swimming in the Olympic pool and were running out of steam. We headed back to the wave pool one more time before we called it a night.
Emma-Glenn had enough and was cold so we wrapped her up and waited on Wallace and Whitt. She kept telling me she wanted Bun Bun and her milk. Bless her! Just as we got home and got them in bed, it started storming. What a super fun way to end his first VBS experience! Next week, VBS at our church!!!

Spiderman Web Shooters

Don't you wish you had a pair of these?!?!
Emma-Glenn wishes she did!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Backyard Summer Fun

My Birthday

I celebrated my birthday very low key this year! We went to church, came home took a 3 hour nap, then had my parents over for dinner. I opened my cards and then I had a special present...princess body glitter and lip gloss. This little monkey couldn't wait to get into it! We had hamburgers, hotdogs, watermelon, chips and ended dinner with an ice cream roll cake from Kaleidoscoops!
We played in the back yard until we heard the music of the ice cream man so we quickly headed to the front yard.
Emma-Glenn was very excited! We waited and waited and no ice cream man.
So we decided to open the princess body glitter and lip gloss that "I" got for my birthday!
This boy had too much fun :)
He even has a W on his back.
Then Wallace wanted to go on a bike ride so off he went with Sir. Along the way he saw Mary Emma. I would love to know what this conversation was about!
On the way back, Sir saw a hawk scoop a bird up from the ground and go into the neighbors tree to eat his dinner. I was on the front porch and could see feathers falling from the tree..YUCK!
We ended the night still holding our $2 for the ice cream man (Sir even went and looked for him and couldn't find him) and he never came by so we ate popsicles from the freezer. What a happy birthday to me!