Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and building a tower. So proud!
Wallace and I headed to Gigi and Sirs house to make cookies.

"Frinkles" (Sprinkles) anyone?

Time to eat cookies! It's a shame nobody loves this boy! Playing with Sir. As you can see, he didn't give Sir many army men to play with.

Yes, he is wearing flip flops on Thanksgiving! Can you tell he dressed himself?

While we were making cookies, Whitt and Emma-Glenn were cooking the turkey.

The finished product! While my mom and I were cleaning up dinner and Whitt was chasing Wallace, my dad was in charge of Emma-Glenn. Can you see the brownie in her hand? She climbed up into the chair and stole Wallace's brownie and proceeded to eat might ask where was Sir? Sitting across from her playing on his phone. He thought it was REAL funny.... she is a sneaky little thing and knows how to get what she wants!This little pilgrim wanted to read Gigi his Thanksgiving book.

After dinner, we played some more and as you can tell by the jumping off of the coffee table, it was time to go to bed.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Weekend Before Thanksgiving

My sister and her family came to Decatur for Thanksgiving.
My dad thought it would be fun to take the kids for a ride around the back yard.
This little girl wasn't going to have anything to do with that!
But these kiddos and Aunt Mamma sure did have fun!

After dinner they were outside playing and I caught Wallace in action just as he was about to hit Aunt Mamma in the back. BUSTED!!!
I finally got some sweet pictures of the two of them together...of course they would be in their pjs!


While my sister was here, we went to watch Santa arrive at the Mall (yes, the bunk Decatur mall).
We had to wait
and wait
and wait
Then we could see Santa coming on the firetruck.

Everyone was so excited to see Santa!

As he walked into the mall,
Wallace got a high five.
We followed him into the mall and then decided we would have to come back later for a picture with him.
Then we went back to Gigi and Sirs house and ate lunch and played.

After rest time, we went back to help decorate the tree.

Then Gigi had a few early Christmas prizes.
Their cute matching pjs were one of them. As you can tell, my kids did not cooperate for a group picture.
This was about the best one. We always have so much fun with our cousins are are so sad when they have to leave!