Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Permanent Marker Mystery???????

This past Saturday, someone apparently broke in our house, and scribbled permanent marker all over Wallace's face. When we came in the den, Wallace assured us he had no idea who did it.
Initial reports point to his GiGi. She always makes the mess!

The Masters

Wallace really got into Masters Weekend. He would only drink out of his green cup, and would not take off the visor all weekend.
He locked himself in his room for 3 hours after Mickelson knocked it in the water on 12!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

After the Storm

BOOTS! I can finally use my brand new BOOTS! look how excited I can be.

I'll just warm up with a little small puddle running.
These are nice and all, but I need more water!

Found it! Are you sure I can do this Mommy?
Almost made it. Slightly bigger puddle then I realized.
Lets empty those boots now, and start again!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Hunt!

After weeks of preparation, the day of the Church Easter Egg Hunt had arrived. But the biggest problem we faced, was would Wallace pick up an egg that didn't call out to him? Yes, our high tech training tool had backfired. He would only hunt eggs that chirped and called out "Over Here". But Wallace was still confident. He showed us all how handsome he was at the pre-hunt feast!

YOU KNOW IT! Wallace took to hunting eggs like ugly on an ape. Were we surprised? Never! Wallace is a tournament player.

Hunting eggs was fun, but Wallace soon found out what was better then plastic eggs with "Beans" inside. Moon Bounce.
Come here baby, let me get a post hunt kiss.