Thursday, December 23, 2010

One Busy Sunday

Sunday, December 19th was a very busy day for the Roby family! We started our day by lighting the advent candle at early church which meant actually making it to church on time if not early. We were having the cantata that day so we had the orchestra up front which made things a little tight. My dad tried to take pictures but couldn't see all of us. Wallace tried to blow the candles out the whole time but it went well!

After lunch and naps, we headed to Papa and Pitty-Pats house to celebrate Christmas. These are Wallaces cousins Jackson and Billy. He LOVES playing with them.
Whitt, Papa, and Bubba.
Wallace tackling Billy.
Emma-Glenn and cousin Willa. She was such a big help keeping up with Emma-Glenn.
Billy put on a concert for everyone!

After playing for about and hour and a half, we headed back to church for the Christmas program (that was re-scheduled) so Wallace could be a camel and sing his Joy to the World medley.
Waiting patiently for his turn to go on stage.
Wallace made sure he got the cymbals! He was supposed to stand on the bottom row with his class but he slowly made his way up the risers.
Yes, he is now on the top row and all of the big kids are laughing at him.
When it was over, he walked out in front of everyone like he was going to take a bow. Then he headed straight for the microphone. Terry was about to pray but Wallace thought he needed to say something too. He was definitely the star of the show :) The next day Whitt asked Wallace where he learned to play the cymbals like that and he said "the monkey on Toy Story"!
After his performance, we headed to Sykes Place for the annual Ashwander Christmas Party.
The kids loved playing corn hole!
Gigi and Emma-Glenn.
While we were eating dinner, we heard bells...that could only mean one thing.....SANTA!
Wallace told Santa he wanted a Gator and an ATAT.
Emma-Glenn told Santa she wanted a baby.
All of the "parents".
All of the kids and grand-kids.
We are now officially ready for Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Emma-Glenn started her morning upset that her favorite pj's had a hole in the toe!
We all needed a little fresh air by the afternoon and it was freezing but we bundled up and went outside. She looks like a little marshmallow!
Wallace wanted to do a little digging while he was outside.
My boys!

Friday, December 17, 2010

School Christmas Party

Wallace had his Christmas party at school on Wednesday and Jennie-Marie and I were in charge of it. We had chex mix, green tree shaped and red angel shaped rice krispie treats, and fruit. They also got these cute cups as party favors with a bag of hot chocolate & marshmellows to take home.
When I got to school, Wallace was cracking me up. He was going around to all of his friends and posing with them asking me to take his picture. He was also the only one in his class not wearing his reindeer antlers and without a rudolph nose.

They look like they are at the prom.

Mrs. Donna telling them about their reindeer food that they made.

After snack time, they played a quick game of ring around the rosie,
played Wallace's favorite game, duck duck goose

and heard several stories
before giving his teachers their presents and heading home. Merry Christmas friends!


When it looks like this outside, it makes for a long day inside!
We did lots of coloring,
watching the snow,
making salt dough ornaments
and drinking hot chocolate.
After the ornaments dried, we painted them a few days later.
The finished result. Lots of ornaments for everyone!