Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Terrible Tuesday

These looks on my children's faces describe the kind of Tuesday that we had. We ended the day by spending the afternoon in the doctor's office and each has an ear infection, Wallace a double. It's a good thing that the good day's out weigh the bad ones!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Decatur vs. Sparkman Raider Tailgate

Look How Handsome I am! Go Raiders!
Now this face painting thing sounded like a good idea, but once it started I went right to my happy place.(This is new, but when Wallace is in a weird and different situation, he will just zone out. Not scream, or yell, but just go into a dead stare)

What happened, how long was I out? There's a what on my cheek? There must be a woman to blame.

Havin some chips with my ladies.
Running around with my buds!

Rocked out with the Band!

Happy Place!

Pardon me Liza, would you enjoy a tasty Chip?
(We have been very impressed with his sharing as of late)

I would love to play Ring Around the Rosey!

I swear Mr. Dan, it was just Ring Around the Rosey!

Nothing like ending a long night with a box of Popcorn. Go Raiders! Beat Huntsville Next week!