Saturday, January 30, 2010


on the move and trying to pull up. She is crawling everywhere and I turned around yesterday and found this!
You can't leave her anywhere. She was in the middle of the floor and when I came back in the room, at the fireplace.
When Wallace is at school, she wants to play with all of his toys. I caught you!
I even resorted to letting her play in a box, just so she would stay in one place.

Brother even joined in on the fun after his nap.
Emma-Glenn has also been getting in touch with her prissy side...trying out her lipstick
and checking herself out in the mirror. Probably wondering why she is always in her pj' pictures we will have some clothes on :)
Some of my favorite pictures lately!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

OUTSIDE (and carrots)

FINALLY it was warm enough and not raining (but very wet) so we could go outside and play on the swing set! Wallace was so excited and we both needed to get out of this house!
First, we had a picnic on the picnic table under the swing set.

After lunch, we had fruit snacks for dessert.
Looking for the airplane he heard.
Still looking for the airplane through the periscope.
Swinging on his tummy.
Digging in the dead tree.

Shooting squirrels (like Daddy has been trying to do with the pellet gun). We have a squirrel problem so Wallace wanted to help. Funny story...we were outside on Monday and Whitt shot at a squirrel and I said oh no, I think it's a baby to which Wallace replied "Daddy, don't shoot the baby". So far, no squirrels have been injured :)
Stick um' up!
Emma-Glenn was asleep while we were outside but last night she got to try carrots. We tried food not long ago with no success except for rice cereal and then she had allergy issues and had hand, foot and mouth so we are starting over. This is the first time that she has actually eaten any food!

Trying to figure out the spoon.
Priss Pot!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Beds and a New Trick

So last weekend, we were very busy with lots of transitions in our house. We moved Wallace's baby bed and big boy bed out of his room and the baby bed into Emma-Glenn's room. Wallace got to go pick out a new toddler bed, bedding and night light. I was OVER him sleeping in the crib and Emma-Glenn really needed his bed.
Emma-Glenn also has lots of new tricks to show and is so proud of herself. She is trying so hard to keep up with Wallace!

I had to post this...sorry Whitt but ROLL TIDE! This was on our doorstep Friday morning when we woke up!
On Sunday, the big boy bed had to come down.
The new toddler bed had to go up.
Thankfully Daddy had lots of help.
The new toddler bed and bedding that Wallace picked out. I almost died when I saw how small and low to the ground this bed was. I feel like I am punishing him because it is so small but whatever works.
The monster night light he picked out.
Excited about his first night in his big boy bed.
Getting tucked in.
After an hour or so, this is what I found. A sweet sleeping little boy. He slept all night without waking up or getting out.
We were so proud the next morning. The rest of the week, he has gotten better about going right to sleep without playing but last night he woke up three times crying. He was in his bed but just calling for me. This is such a major milestone for Wallace (we thought he would be in his crib until he was 15) and we are SOOOO proud!!!
So, that means that Emma-Glenn now has a new bed (Wallace's old crib) too!
She (starting today) has started to crawl a little.
I am not ready for this!!!
She has also started sitting up.
And can pretty much scoot/crawl to get what she wants.

Her other new trick is to try to stand up. We are in for it if she is doing all of this at 6 mo. She is so strong and I think part monkey like her brother!
While at work, I looked over and she had pushed herself to sit up and then tried to stand up and almost flipped over the pack and play. Guess we will be taking the top part off!!!