Saturday, September 11, 2010

Terry Family Beach Trip 2010

How are you supposed to pick from over 1,000 pictures to put on your blog? My dad and I have a slight obsession with picture taking. There are so many "favorites" but here are a few.

Day one was our only sunny day at the beach!Whitt buried these two in the sand but unfortunately it didn't keep them still for too long.
These are two cool dudes in their glasses!
We spent the majority of our time on the water slide...everyone joined in on the fun. Gigi even went down the slide but she would kill me if I posted those pictures :)
Sometimes they ended up coming down together which was fun until
they hit the water on top of each other.
This little girl was not a fan of the beach, pool, lazy river or anything. She did have an ear infection so I can't blame her. The not so sunny/rainy days it was cooler out and very windy so it probably didn't feel too good to her ears.

I LOVE this picture because this is what Emma-Glenn looked like every time we took her to the beach and Wallace was having a meltdown too. Poor Soles just looks bored sitting between the two criers.
This is one of the best pictures of all of the children and grandchildren we have taken in a while.
She didn't need her glasses outside so she wore them inside.

My boy is growing up so fast!

Uncle Andy and I took the boys to the beach to play while Aunt Mamma and Sir were cooking dinner. It was sort of chilly but somehow they ended up in the ocean in their clothes...they had a blast!


Emma-Glenn gets a little nervous when everyone starts invading her space so she cried the entire time we were taking pictures...pitiful!!!

The only picture of the whole family! Thanks Gigi and Sir for a fun few days at the beach, hopefully next year it there won't be a hurricane, cold, or rain :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


These two monkeys can be sweet to each other sometimes!

Emma-Glenn loves it when Wallace tickles her...
it is so funny!
When Wallace quit giving her attention, she got up off of the chair and started walking to him.

He was so proud of her! This is proof that she can walk but has yet to want to walk all the time. Now that she is about to be 14 months old I hope we are closer to walking all the time. I am over the crawling!

The After Party

Before Soles went back to Dothan, he wanted Wallace to open his present. Wallace was SO excited to see a talking Woody doll!
After we unloaded the presents it was time to open them.
He was super excited to get his own Buzz Lightyear computer!
Taking it all in after a busy day!
After a quick nap we played some more with all of our new toys.

Daddy even helped Wallace catch a cricket with his new bug catcher.
Wallace and daddy even played a little golf.
Then came in to stage a war with the bad guys vs the good guys with all of Whitt's old Star Wars men and the toy soldiers from Toy Story.

The dinosaurs and farm animals even got in on the action! His imagination has really grown lately and I love watching him play!