Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wedding Bells

My cousin Ross and his fiancee Kayla asked these two monkeys to be the ring bearer in their wedding so we loaded up and headed to Red Bay. We all stayed in a bed and breakfast five minutes away in Mississippi. Let's just say, we will never do that again with 4 kids (but the options were limited).
Shortly after arriving, we changed clothes and headed to the rehearsal. Concentrating on the job ahead here but after a MAJOR meltdown and having to sit in the car,
we are all smiles again at the rehearsal dinner. (they were working hard to get their bribes).
The next morning,we got up and headed to the church around 11. Pictures were at 12 and the wedding was at 2. That means a LOT of waiting with four impatient children all dressed up and not being able to play.
There are not many pictures of these two because we took a babysitter but they were there for the family pictures.

My cousin Ross on his big day.
During pictures, the photographer would make squeaking noises and got Wallace all fired up so he is a blur in most of the pictures!
When he got embarrassed he would pull his shirt and/or shorts up. LOVELY!
The whole wedding party.
Show time! They walked down the aisle like little angels...THANK GOODNESS! The rest of the wedding they sat in our laps and cracked life savers, whatever worked! When the bride/groom walked back down the aisle, Wallace started clapping and yelled "YAY". I wanted to crawl under the pew. Thankfully there was a candy table at the reception that worked wonderfully for bribing! After watching the slide show in the church Wallace once again yelled, "YAY CANDY"! At least his timing was appropriate :)
The only picture of the four of us. By this point, my nerves were shot. After loading up with candy, eating a piece of cake and a quick change of clothes we were headed home. We are so glad they included us in their special day! Unfortunately, as Whitt said, "Wallace is no longer available for weddings...sorry" :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Emma-Glenn's First Birthday Party (in pictures)

A Day At Meme's House

Last Thursday, Wallace and Emma-Glenn spent the day at their Meme's house because all five of their cousins were in town. Later that afternoon, the other four cousins came to play too. It was a busy day of swimming, playing, and no nap for Wallace. When we got there for dinner at five, we had one pooped pup!
Jackson and Wallace racing.
We celebrated Shelby's 16th birthday early with a cake and a car!
All the kids were walking around blowing their party horns but only a few of them even knew what to be excited for.
Wallace had fun rolling
and flipping in the grass!
Wallace loves to tackle! Thanks to Meme for a fun day.

Saturday, July 10, 2010