Monday, May 31, 2010


My sister and her family came home for Memorial Weekend on Thursday and Wallace couldn't wait for Soles to come over and play in his pool and on his swing set.
Soles took a flying leap from the slide into the pool
and Wallace followed.

Then it was time to swing (yes, Emma-Glenn was napping again).
Louisa was happy sitting in the fire truck.

The boys LOVE to wrestle and spend most of their time tackling each other.

Catch Up

We have been doing a little relaxing
a little working at Eloise and Henry
a little sleeping (with our 2nd ear infection since Spring Break)
a lot of playing outside
and a little swimming!

The grand finale!
While Wallace was swimming, this sweet girl was taking a nap
and she is always so happy when she wakes up!
Who ever would have known that we have a 3rd "child"? This was my first baby and she just had her 5th birthday (that I actually forgot). We love you LULU!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Last minute, I called my sister to see what they were doing for the week of our Spring Break. Thankfully they were doing nothing and her in-laws house at the beach was vacant so that is where we headed. The boys waiting oh so patiently, devising a plan for the afternoon.
So excited to be out of the car!!!

This was sister's second trip to the beach...her first trip, she was only 3 months old. She LOVED crawling around and eating the sand!
An attempt to get a picture together.
Cool Dude.
All four of them playing together, something you NEVER see!
Wallace filled up this bucket many times in the few days we were there.
Emma-Glenn even wanted to help!
I thought she might want to try out the water but it was pretty cold.

Snack time
Thankfully we didn't see this too much!
We saw more of this (except for when we were inside and they couldn't keep their hands off of each other b/c they were wrestling).
It was cloudy and chilly in the afternoons but perfect to run from the birds.
Of course the day we left, the water was like a lake and not a cloud in the sky!

Tree Problems? Call Wallace

This is Wallace's new obsession...his chainsaw!
After watching Sir cut down a tree, he knew just how to do it.
Goggles for safety :)
You can even hire him out to trim your bushes!