Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Last Saturday, we got up and made a quick stop at K's donuts and headed to Birmingham to the zoo! Our first stop was to see them train the baby sea lions. This was not very exciting but Wallace loved it b/c they were squirting us with water guns and we sat in the middle and every time they said water or wet, we got wet.

This is where my camera started acting crazy but this is still Wallace's favorite part of the zoo...feeding the giraffes. Emma-Glenn wasn't sure what to think!

Daddy sticking his tongue out like a giraffe
and so is Wallace.
I have this exact same picture from the zoo last year...if we didn't see them feed the alligator last time I would think he was fake!

This is where Wallace belongs, with the monkeys!

Our last stop of the day was the train ride, another one of Wallace's favorites!
What a fun day at the zoo! And once again we were SO SUPER proud of our accidents all day long (even on our excursion to Tuscaloosa)!!!

Potty Trained

This big boy is officially potty trained!!!!!!!!
We are so proud of Wallace and I couldn't have asked for it to be any easier for him! Wallace does things on Wallace's time so I wasn't sure how this would work but after buying super hero and cars underware, we were set! He had a few accidents the first couple of days and after that it has been smooth sailing!
Typical boy, he needs reading material when on the potty!
I will say, after visiting a few public restrooms it sort of makes me wish he was in a diaper sometimes!

Random Pictures

Emma-Glenn thinks it is so fun to stand when she is not supposed to. In a chair, the grocery cart and in her high chair. Even when strapped in she manages to wiggle out. She is part monkey like her brother!

This girl LOVES a "bath"! She squeals and gets so excited when it is bath time. Some days, she crawls to the tub and screams "bath".

After crawling into Wallace's dump truck, Emma-Glenn was so proud of herself.
"Clap clap"
Then she got to go for a ride, which did not end pretty. Lesson learned, stay out of brothers dump truck!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Day After

The day after my birthday, we went to the pool....this sweet girl's first time to swim. She LOVES the water and just floated around in her float.

Put helped take care of Emma-Glenn with a little help from Aunt Jess.
This little boy is fearless!

These sweet friends got me

THIS as a birthday surprise. What a fun way to end a fun day. All of the kids were so excited to get a piece of icing ( i mean cookie cake).

Emma-Glenn even got a bite!

3 0

Well, I am officially out of my 20's now! No better way to celebrate my last night in my 20's than going to see Zac Brown in Birmingham! It was SO much fun and a much needed night away with my handsome hubby!
The next day (my actual birthday) we came home to a flat tire on my car and the air was broken in our house. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my birthday day, waiting on the man to fix our air while Whitt got my tire fixed but it was a nice surprise that he fixed our air for free to help turn my day around :) After naps we headed to Rosies for dinner.
This boy was tuckered out from playing at Gigi and Sir's house and from a boat ride that afternoon. We had to wake him up after sleeping 2 1/2 hours (for those of you that know Wallace, that is an extremely long nap for him).
Whitt always laughs, this is our "family" pose...I always have Wallace and he always holds Emma-Glenn!
Birthday surprises from my parents.

Emma-Glenn trying a lemon-I couldn't resist!

After dinner and getting the kids to bed, my parents had another surprise. They kidnapped me to show me this billboard on 6th Ave. Thanks DAD!
All in all, it was a wonderful birthday!!!