Saturday, August 20, 2011

Birthday Bash

There are so many summer birthdays that we decided to do one big birthday bash and celebrate four of them at the same time. Emma Hensley and Wallace were turning 4 and Sam and Sarah Laine were turning 6. What a fun way to celebrate!!!
The birthday kids!
We went with a superhero and princess theme.
Had mini hotdogs.
Superhero and princess water.
And Decatur's favorite kids band, Tangerine Tambourine! What a night of fun!
It hadn't rained in a month but of course we had a big storm roll through the night before. The day of the party the skies were still iffy and it would thunder on and off all day so finally around 2 we decided to move it to Central Methodist Church.
I will say that it was SO humid outside that the air conditioning felt nice! It also decided to rain right around party time so this was a great decision. There was plenty of room for everyone to run, play, dance and eat.
Wallace giving his girlfriend, Emma Hensley a birthday kiss!
These two crack me up together! They balance each other out very well and are so stinkin cute!
After lots of dancing and singing, it was time to eat and have cake.
Spider- man Wallace.
Raising the roof!
These two play a mean tambourine!
Then we heard one of our favorite (and most annoying songs that we hear in our sleep) from the ice cream man. He came to the party and everyone got ice cream as their favor.
This little girl LOVED her ice cream.
Before we called it a night, we had to get a picture with the cousins
and family. All of the excitement and sugar were wearing off and everyone was on the verge of a major meltdown so we headed home! What a super way to celebrate being FOUR!
The next morning Wallace was up bright and early to open his presents. He could not wait any longer!
Then baby Spider-man showed up in my den.
Along with Iron Man. Birthday season is finally over at our house, at least until October!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


In just four short years, my precious baby boy went from this to
this....a big FOUR year old! I always tell Wallace I want him to stay my baby forever and he says "I will always love you mom, even when I am big". It is hard to believe all that he has learned in four short years. We have gone from the Wiggles to Superheros, sandals and Keds to Spiderman light up shoes, a tricycle to a bicycle to a gator, swimmies to no swimmies, and scribbling to coloring in the lines and writing our name. Some things that have not LOVE your momma, do not love sleep, you like daddy's stories at bedtime, snuggling, picking on your sister, and keeping us all on our toes at all times!
The last night of being three....what a little angel :)
The morning of his birthday, he came in our room and woke us up by saying "aren't you supposed to sing to me?" All because we sang to Emma-Glenn when we got her out of her crib on her birthday.
He couldn't wait to see if he got his Spider man bike he wanted.
Checking it all out!
WOW a new Captain America shirt!
And the bicycle he wanted! It looks SOOO big compared to his old bike!
One happy boy!
Next it was time for birthday doughnuts with chocolate and sprinkles on them. He insisted on wearing his hat from school.
Blowing out the candles!
He decided he wanted the plain doughnuts so look who gladly ate his....who passes up chocolate for breakfast?
On our way to the pool, we took the new bike for a quick spin around the driveway. Then we got a haircut and headed to the pool with Soles, Louisa, Aunt Mamma and Gigi.
After naps, everyone headed to our house for pizza, cupcakes and presents. Wallace was so excited to see what Gigi and Sir got for him!
Superhero dress up clothes!
The Green Lantern/Iron Man.
He was so sweet to share his new clothes with Soles. They had the best time playing Superhero's!
Aunt Mamma, Uncle Andy, Soles and Louisa gave him Captain America for his wall. Haven't you always wanted Captain America watching over you while you sleep?
They also gave him lots of smaller ones! He was so excited that he had to take them all off and put them on his wall immediately! What a super fun birthday day. We can't wait until tomorrow for the BIG party!