Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve

Putting reindeer food in the yard to make sure Santa stops at our house!
Family picture after Christmas Eve service at church.
Faulk family picture.
Boy cousin picture take one!
Take 2!
All the cousins....this is the best picture (if that tells you anything).
Daddy and his sweet girl!
Opening presents .
Sisters (exhausted).
Amanda, Mom, Me
Amanda , Dad, Me.
Putting cookies, milk, and carrots out for Santa and the reindeer.
Look who came to visit and ate the cookies and carrots and drank all the milk. There are also some goodies in the stockings.
Santa has invaded our den!
Wallace's goods.
Emma-Glenn's goods.
I can't WAIT to see Wallace's excitement in the morning...this is the only thing he has asked for. Thanks to Santa's elves for putting this together :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Every year family friends of ours have several families over for a Christmas Party. Over the years we have grown and the "kids" now have kids of our own. This year we had to go elsewhere to have the party and we all had a blast. We even had a visit from Santa!!!
Emma-Glenn played in her exersaucer.
Wallace played corn hole.
The kids heard the Christmas story.
Ate dinner.
This is my most favorite can't tell but he is running to see Santa. His expression says it ALL!!!
Checking out Santa.
You can't tell but he was so excited to tell Santa that he wanted a swing set.
Emma-Glenn's first visit with Santa.
Santa gave the children Rudolph noses and light up pens.
All of the children. Not real sure why Wallace is hugged up on Sam.
All the "big kids".
Everyone (except my dad).
Everyone (except Barbara).

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Making Cookies for Santa

With a little of Dad's help, Wallace made cookies for Santa. Yes, Whitt is wearing my apron :)
Watching to make sure he knows what to do.
This sweet girl is watching.
Pouring some more.
Still watching.
Dumping in the chocolate chips.

Licking the batter.
The finished product.
Taste testing.
The seal of approval...YUMMY. We hope you like your cookies Santa! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

School Christmas Party