Monday, October 31, 2011


After the school party, we headed home for naps so we would be ready to trick or treat.
Our neighborhood has an annual Halloween Party before we trick or treat.
This year we had sack suppers with hotdogs, snack mix, cookies, and juice boxes.
Afton and Emma-Glenn going on a wagon ride.
Wallace and Gigi
Wallace could not wait to ride with Mr. Stewart on the lawn mower. The last time he had the cars attached, Wallace rode for 45 minutes!
Neighborhood friends, Anna Kate and Mattie.
Emma-Glenn showing Nancy all of her candy she got from the pinata. I don't have any pictures from the pinata because neither of my kids got a turn before it busted. Wallace was NOT happy but he got over it!
Emma-Glenn and Gigi
Wallace and Sir
Wallace wanted to come home to hand out candy after the party. I had to convince him to go trick or treat.
Trick or treat Mrs. Lott
Emma-Glenn was so excited to go to her teacher, Mrs. Lee Ann's house.
After a lap around the neighborhood, we headed back to the house to hand out candy.
Next year, I think we are just going to stay at home and give candy instead of get candy. Both kids were having so much fun handing candy out. What a busy fun Halloween day...I had one tired Wolverine and Super Girl!!!

School Halloween Party

When I got to Emma-Glenn's Party, the teachers on her side of the hall were taking a picture together...Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
I went to her room just in time to hear five little pumpkins and hear their prayer. So sweet!
Emma-Glenn, Merrill, Afton, Hudson, and Miriam.
Snack time
Her bat hat
Then I made my way to Wallaces room just in time for a group picture. Wallace, Cale, Emma and Emma Hensley. What a cute bunch!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


On Sunday, we had trunk-or-treat at church. The kids were so excited to dress up and show their friends their costumes. Wolverine and Super Girl (she picked this out all by herself)!
Getting candy.
Virginia, Wallace and Caroline
Wallace and John Benton
Wallace and Mattie ( I love the claw around her neck)!
Emma-Glenn and Nancy
Wallace and Lulu
Checking out their loot
Next it was time to go in and eat and head to the Fall Festival that the youth put on.
We ended the night with a hayride around the church. A great time was had by all!!!

Soles 5th Birthday

I can't believe that my sweet nephew is FIVE! He was our first born and I feel like he is partly my child too. We hadn't been to Dothan in a few years so we decided to head down South for the party!
I packed the kids up on Friday and we headed to Soles house. We came from 50 degree weather to 80 degree weather so we had to make a quick change of clothes into the same thing.
These two were so excited to see each other and are ready to fight!
We spent all afternoon playing outside and waiting on Gigi and Sir to arrive. Then early to bed so we would be ready for the Super hero party in the morning!
Spiderman and Green Lantern waiting for the guests.
Supergirl 1 and Supergirl 2.
Emma-Glenn and Louisa were the only two girls invited but look who can hold her own. It was so funny because as the boys arrived, Soles didn't know who they were because most of them had masks on. There were so many Spider-men that I had to find Wallace by his shoes.
This girl cracks me up! Piling on top of all these boys, like she is big and bad!
Next, it was time for the pinata!
Wallace means business when is tongue is out!
After cake, more tackling and playing Super hero!
By the end of the party, these two were exhausted!
After good naps, Uncle Andy took all of us, minus Sir on a ride in his Jeep to see all of the Halloween decorations.
We had such a good time in Dothan celebrating Soles 5th birthday! We will have to go back again soon...if Aunt Mamma will let us :)