Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Afternoon in the Life of Wallace

Notice anything missing?
Wallace got a new twin mattress yesterday (the bed is still to come) with Spiderman sheets and was so excited to take a nap in it. He had helped us open the mattresses with his scissors which I put on his shelf in his room (and forgot about). He called me during nap and told me I really needed to take the scissors out of his room...which were now on his train I took them and walked out. He called me again immediately after I walked out and told me to look under Jessies hat
and this is what I found!!! His conscience always gets the best of him!
Thankfully he just cut it in one place but unfortunately it was right across the front of his head!
Looks like we will be getting a haircut this week!
Gigi and Sir were at our house and while my dad and Whitt were "watching" him (on the phone and fooling with the tv) he got into Gigis lipstick.
Just another day in the Roby household!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Funday

After church today we headed to Big Springs Park to feed the ducks.
Wallace is an old pro
but this was Emma-Glenn's first time (that she can remember).
Today, the ducks didn't come up to us (which was probably a good thing for Emma-Glenn) like they usually do so we just threw the bread to them.
Then we walked over the bridge to look at all of the fish.
There were some HUGE fish in there.
Then there were two "ugly ducks" that Wallace wanted to see. While I was taking pictures of the kids, they started putting on a show. Emma-Glenn was shouting "no no ducks".
I love the looks on their faces watching these two ducks.
It was rather entertaining!
Then they got tired and swam away from each other.
Wallace was making sure Emma-Glenn didn't go to close to the hole in the ground.

After nap, this little girl turned into a diva. She got up and put on her tutu, necklaces, wand and glasses and was ready to go.
Then we headed outside with "Coco baby (baby Coco)" to go for a stroll.
Wallace had all the neighborhood friends over to play so I had to put the camera away so I could watch these two monkeys....Wallace is sort of dangerous around a bunch of people driving the gator!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Emma-Glenn's class party.
Enjoying a snack.
Her class.
***I did not go to Wallace's party because the teacher requests that parents do not come to every party).
Opening a Valentine prize.

Singing in Church and the PIG

Sunday was Wallace's first time to sing in church. After his performance at the Christmas program, I wasn't sure we were ready to sing in the sanctuary! He told me he couldn't sing because it would make him cough but he got up there and totally zoned out!
Finally, he decided to wake up and move a little to the song (which was what he was supposed to be doing).
I think this was about the time he looked at Whitt and said "daddy, I got to go tee tee". Thankfully he made it to the end of the song and then Whitt hurried to get him and ran to the bathroom...just in time :) I cannot believe he is big enough to be doing this! So proud of my boy!
Sunday was such a beautiful, warm day so we went outside after church to play in the backyard and this is what we saw in our alley....yes, it is a pig!
It is a pretty cute pig but not when it is rooting around in your yard.
Emma-Glenn and Wallace LOVED the pig.
Emma-Glenn even showed it her button.
Wallace let it read his Valentine card.
After playing with the pig, Wallace did a little tree climbing,

and sister did a little sliding...
juice box and all.
What a fun day to be outside. It has us wishing for Spring!
Speaking of Spring, I found these among all the leaves!

After resting for a little while, Wallace wanted to go to the park with me. Emma-Glenn was still asleep so Wallace said "dada, you stay here and take care of Emma-Glenn" and then turned to me and said, "it's ok mama, I know you will miss her". After we went to the park, we went to the trails and walked down by the river to see what we could find. Wallace had so much fun throwing rocks in the river, digging in the sand, and pretending to be a pirate. I turned around at one point and he was holding a dead fish. Next time I will definitely have my camera! What a fun day with my boy...he is growing up and I'm not sure how much longer it will be cool to hang with mom :)