Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wallace's 3rd Birthday Party

Since there are so many friends with summer birthdays, we decided to celebrate this year with one of Wallace's most favorite friends, Emma Hensley!
Wallace loves to give kisses but Carlton is not so sure.
Waiting on all of the friends to arrive.
We even had a balloon man come to make animals to take home. Wallace wanted a giraffe.
Happy Birthday to you!

Fun in the pool

Wallace even took time to give his sister a few kisses!

Jumping in with his Jackson

At the end of the party sister got a surprise....
she got dunked! I had not put her under all year
and this was the result. She was not real sure what to think but she didn't cry! Wallace celebrated turning three for two weeks and his pool party was the perfect way to end his celebration!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Soles Visit

Last week, Soles came to visit for a few days. Trying to keep the two monkeys busy means no rest. On Tuesday, Gigi and I took them to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens to see the Tree House exhibit.

A grandmother bird and her little ones in their nest :)

This was part of the "treewok" exhibit.
Taking a break...it was SO hot!

The Wizard of Oz tree house.
After playing in all of the tree houses, we went to the children's play area. The first thing these boys did was find the water.

Two of the three little bears.
The three little pigs.

Skipping down the rainbow.
Dinosaur bones
and footprints.
After cooling off, we changed their clothes and went into the butterfly garden.
It was a FUN but hot time. As soon as we got to the car it started pouring down rain, just in time for a nap.
On Thursday, we went to the matinee to see Toy Story 3. This was Wallace's first movie in the theater. He did not move the whole movie...he LOVED it!
He loved it so much we now have a talking Buzz, Woody and Jessie of our own! Oh yeah, and a bucket full of soldiers!
On Friday, we went to the park. I didn't take very many pictures but I did get a few of this sweet girl that came into town with Aunt Mamma on Thursday.


What do we do when it is to hot to go outside?
Practice walking
and being cute
make tents and use our imagination with paper towel rolls
learn the wrong way to use our new toy
because daddy thought it would be funny to pull her in it
make castles with paper towel rolls
and are very proud of them
make a space ship
and turn into a monster
and learn how to use mommy's camera!