Friday, March 25, 2011

A Rainy Saturday

is the perfect day for an inside egg hunt!
We pulled out the talking eggs from two years ago and started practicing egg hunting.
Wallace was so excited to hunt for the eggs.
You found me!
Emma-Glenn didn't get to find too many because she had a lot of help from her brother.

Daddy hid them the table
on top of the table
even in the hardest places to find
listening, and looking
found it, in the army men box!!!
GREAT entertainment for a rainy day!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Thursday was so nice that we headed to the park at 9:30 and did not leave until 11:30!
This big girl loves to swing in the big swings.
And this little monkey loves to climb on everything!
They decided to swing together and get a little brotherly/sisterly love.
Emma-Glenn climbed through the tunnel
while Wallace sat on top of it.
Then Emma-Glenn discovered her shadow.
Usually when she goes down the slide, she goes on her stomach but today decided to go like a big girl on her bottom.
Wallace has been working on these rings for a while now.
He could swing from the first to second ring
but today made it to the third one. He was SO proud and so was I.
Emma-Glenn was watching, taking it all in and will be doing it before long!
After all this playing, it was time for a snack. After a quick snack, Emma Hensley and Mary Reed came to the park to play. After playing a little longer, we headed to eat lunch at the snack bar.
Mary Reed was checking Emma-Glenn out!
While these two precious friends were having a picnic!
Emma-Glenn was double fisting her grilled cheese and ate every bit of it. After all of this fun you would think it would be nap time. Unfortunately, we had to get Wallaces hair cut so we headed home for a quick 45 min. nap for sister and then headed back out again!
After Ms. Debbie fixed Wallace's hair from the haircut he gave himself, she had enough time to cut Emma-Glenn's hair. This was her first haircut and she desperately needed it! She sat in the chair like such a big girl and never moved.
The first cut!
Having fun with Ms. Debbie!
Ta-Da....the mullet is gone!
After haircuts, we headed to Gigi's house. She was out of town but Wallace wanted to go fly his kite in her yard. This was his first time to fly his kite!
It was a nice windy day but as soon as we got the kite out, the wind decided to stop. Wallace decided it was just as fun to fun around with it.
Then Wallace wanted to take pictures with my camera. He didn't do a bad job!
Everyone was in bed by 6:30 and I wasn't far behind. What a fun day! We can't wait until the warmer weather will be here to stay!!!