Sunday, October 31, 2010


Princess Leia headed to the Halloween Party with Elmo.
Yoda riding on the tractor ride.
Yoda tackling the cowboy.
Princess Leia taking a snack break.
Group picture.
Whitt as Leia.
Yoda handing out candy to his friends.
Almost all of the host/hostess children minus the Collins.
Heading home.
Visiting with friends.
Ending the night with a family photo. Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

16 Months

ONE WORD........S A S S Y

So fifteen months got away from me with all of the birthdays, fall festivals, and Halloween in October! This sweet girl has turned into one tough but prissy girl. She loves bracelets, purses (bags), shoes, brushing her hair, trying to straighten her hair, necklaces, babies, elmo (melmo), climbing, books (read), snacks (nack), pumpkins and trying anything her brother is doing. She has mastered walking pretty good and is trying her best to run to keep up with everyone. She gives the sweetest kisses and tightest hugs and finally (for the longest time would not rock) likes to rock and sing rock a bye baby. She is a social butterfly and talks to everyone, everywhere we go. She LOVES Wallace and that is usually the first thing she says in the morning when she wakes up. Even though he is not always sweet to her, she adores him and goes back for more every time. She is one tough cookie thanks to him!!! She is talking all the time and repeats most of what you say. I'm not so sure I am ready to have two talkers yet :) She is such a joy and so laid back and we are so lucky that she is our little sassafrass!

Carving our Pumpkin

Our front porch full of pumpkins!!!
The only way I could get a picture of their matching outfits Sunday morning.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Emma-Glenn and I went to school for Wallace's Fall Festival. This is Wallace's new best Beau! He is absolutely precious (we think he looks like a Ken doll) and super sweet. The two of them are inseparable at school and Wallace cannot wait to get to school each day to see him. We are just excited that Wallace finally has a boy as a good friend...nothing against his girl friends :)
He played ring toss,
threw the football,
posed with a picture for mom,
played the fishing game,
listened to Ms. Kathy tell a story,
went on a hay ride,
ate a snack,
so did sassy girl, "ju" box too,
played the bean bag toss,
got a tattoo on his hand,
and got lots of cool prizes!

Splish Splash