Sunday, January 30, 2011

1st Day of School

So after all of the big snow, Emma-Glenn started school! January 19th was her official first day at Central. Wallace was so excited for her to be at "his school".
Emma-Glenn was so excited about her new backpack!
She looks so big in this picture to me.

When we got in the car, Wallace kept telling her that school was fun and not to cry. He was so sweet to her and proud that she was getting big enough to go to school too.
After we dropped Wallace off on his side, it was sisters turn. She was so excited and could not wait to go inside. She was not real happy in this picture because she didn't want to take a picture.
Once inside, she went straight for the microphone and baby doll.
When I came to pick her up, she was so excited to see me. Since she was a good girl, she got sweet tarts and was even more happy!
Here is her first artwork
and her first report from the day! She even got to see Wallace in the hall going to music and they said he was so happy to see her and she was happy to see him. That makes my heart smile!
Now what to do with all this free time I have now?!?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day # 2

Wallace informed me that "Mrs. Donna said you can eat snow" so when we ventured out for the morning, the first thing we did was make snow cream.

He said it was good (coming from my child that won't eat ice cream)...I didn't think it was so bad either.
Then he wanted to make a snow angel. He was working hard because his tongue is out.
His angel.
Lulu has loved playing in the snow.
Emma-Glenn has not loved playing in the snow so she stayed inside with daddy and watched.
After a while she decided she didn't want to miss out on the fun and came out to join us.
Our first snowman.
Working on our second snowman.
Snowman number 2.
Sister wondering where her feet went.

Working on the third snowman...daddy's pride and joy. The biggest snowman on the street.

By now Emma-Glenn was cold and ready to go inside so she took a break in the stroller.
We even got mail!
Daddy with his finished product.
Lulu watching from the porch.
After all this work, we were hungry and tired so we went in for lunch.
After lunch and a quick rest time, we headed back out for a neighborhood game of tackle
and football.
Mr. Wes helping Wallace play.
Mommy has had fun in the snow but I don't plan on going out for day 3 unless I just have to. It has gotten VERY cold (15) and I think I will stay in as much as I can from now on.

Snow Day # 1

This is what it looked like when we woke up!
Wallace couldn't wait to go out and play but Emma-Glenn wasn't real sure.
We put her in the wagon and headed down the street to the small hill on Woodland to play with the neighborhood kids.

Wallace, Sam and Owen getting ready to go sledding.
Mr. Wes giving Wallace a push.Wheeeee!
The boys!
Emma-Glenn finally decided after sitting in the wagon most of the morning that she was ready to get out.
And she wasn't out long before heading right back.
Then we saw our friend Liza walking down the street and she joined us!

On the way home, Wallace decided to step on the "ice" and you can see what happened. So we quickly headed in to get dry clothes and warm up.
After lunch Steppie and Jason came to pick us up in the ranger and we headed down the street to Granny's house to go sledding on "the hill". This was so much fun for me because I have done that since I was a child myself.
Wallace quickly found the snow paint.
View from the top.

Ginny took Wallace down first.
Then sweet Mary Bradford rode with him next...
she even pulled him back up the hill.

We were there about 30 minutes and Wallace was ready to go home so we headed back.
When we got home he wanted to use his scissors and cut the monkey grass...this is his new favorite thing to do.
Daddy and I made a snowman and Wallace put the carrots on.
This made for one long, busy, cold day so we headed in to get warm, eat dinner, and go to bed so Daddy could watch the Auburn game. Wallace was in bed, asleep at 6:30. What a fun day in the snow. Watching the pure excitement and enjoyment on Wallace's face was priceless!