Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wallace, you have to cut that Mop!

What? Your going to cut my what? Hang on, you actually cut it? Are you sure? Really, I'm being serious, you are sure you can cut it!

Sucker does make this a little better. I mean, really, my hair is tight. Are you sure?
Not to much off the bangs, baby.
Suckers do rock, want a lick?

I have to admit, you might be the hottest stylist I've ever used.

Give me a little sugar baby!
That's nice!

Dang, I look good!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wallace has really classed up Hotdogs and Cheese

Day at the Park



Sand-in the eyes

That's how I roll!

Easter Two-A-Days

I don't know how most first time parents prepare for Easter, but the Roby's are not playing around. Wallace has started his Pre-Easter program of Egg Hunting Camp.

Are we just using regular old plastic eggs? No way! We have the technology, why not use it! This eggs make noises and call out till they are found! We are training Wallace with intensity not seen since the training montage from Rocky IV.
There is no crying in Easter Egg Hunting!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


March 1st 2009 gave new meaning to the phrase don't sleep your day away, or better yet, don't sleep your "snow" day away. If you weren't up by 10 in Decatur, you would have never known it snowed. Wallace made his first snowball, but thought it made a "meesss"

Snow everywhere, and all he wanted to do was swing.

Catching snowflakes!

This can't be good for flowers. Groundhog Wallace was wrong, or maybe Wallace taking his clothes off in the middle of the night means 6 more weeks of winter. We are ready for Spring!!!