Thursday, April 21, 2011

Painting With Pitty Pat

Last year we painted eggs with Pitty Pat and Wallace had so much fun so this year we painted again. Sister even got to join in on all the fun. Wallace and Emma-Glenn both will sit and paint for hours if I would let them!
Wallace wants every color out and wants to squirt it himself. He has a definite idea of what he wants to do and does not want anyone telling him any different. Emma-Glenn is just happy to be able to paint!

Pitty Pat helping sister paint one of her eggs.

Oh, the concentration!

Wallace's finished product!

Ready to put his hand print on his big egg.


Now Emma-Glenn's turn.

Next Pitty Pat brought over two canvases to do their handprints for me to keep and one for her to keep.


Wallace was really in to red for some is his favorite color!

The finished product drying.

The artists!!!

Hard at work.

Some how feet got painted too.

Can you tell which foot belongs to each kiddo?!?

After painting, Papa came over and they hid a big egg for each filled with Easter goodies.

Found it!

We had so much fun and can't wait until our next painting party with Pitty Pat!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Daddy has been gone on and off for about a month. Recently he was gone from Thursday until Tuesday so we decided to throw him a welcome home party.
Complete with balloons, streamers and cupcakes with green sprinkles (Wallace's favorite).
Waiting was VERY hard. Wallace was so excited after decorating that he couldn't wait for Daddy to get home! He was the first one out the door.
Followed by Emma-Glenn.
Two happy kiddos to see their daddy (and one happy mama)!
Wallace was very excited about his prizes for being a good boy while daddy was gone....a hard rock cafe shirt and a He-Man video.
Sister got a shirt is the back. She wouldn't cooperate for a picture of the front. It is a pretty sassy/biker chick shirt, maybe I can get a picture later! Hopefully Daddy will be home for a while now! We missed you Daddy!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Palm Sunday

Before church on Palm Sunday.
Whitt has been out of town for almost a week and so we were up early to make sure we didn't miss walking with the Palm branches.
Wallace has been telling the Easter story for the past two weeks now and was so excited to get to hold a real palm branch at church. He said he was going to walk down the aisle saying "Hosanna, Hosanna...Praise Jesus, Praise Jesus". (just like he learned at school)
Waiting with the palm branches.
Getting instructions from Mrs. Mallie. Walk slowly!
He was the first one down the aisle (but didn't say Hosanna) and was VERY serious!
Emma-Glenn walked too, just like a big girl waving her palm branch! It was so sweet to have my two babies participating, especially with Wallace understanding what he was doing.
After church we decided to snap a few more pictures.
After pictures we headed to Gigi and Sirs house to eat and head back to church for the Easter Egg Hunt.
Wallace was OBSESSED with the Easter Bunny!!!
Emma-Glenn, not so much.
Wallace with Lulu and Caroline.
Waiting oh so patiently to hunt eggs.
Emma-Glenn did good for her first egg hunt.
She even took a couple of swings at the pinata
and got a little help from Mrs. Mallie.
Wallace waited so patiently for his turn
and then off he went....tongue is out so he meant business!
Maybe next time he should open his eyes!
Finally Mallie busted the pinata and we headed across the street
to the bouncy houses and slide. What a fun filled day! We sure did miss our daddy though! We can't wait for him to come home!!!