Monday, November 23, 2009



This weekend, I crashed the "boy's" trip to Tuscaloosa to see the Tide play. Since Whitt is an Auburn fan, I thought it was appropriate to take Wallace to Tuscaloosa for the first time. We went with my dad, nephew Soles and brother-in-law Andy. The fun started at 7am and ended at 3pm. Here are some of the fun things that Wallace did on his trip.

Sir got the boys shakers
We visited Denny Chimes (I know, we look like husband and wife)
Put our feet in the "big feet" as Wallace said
Got tattoos for their faces

Caught a ride with mommy
Ran, and ran, and ran
Watched the band march to the stadium
Visited the Bear for Dada
Walked down to the field to see the players
Up close
Ate his first stadium dog
Insisted on walking up all the steps
Finally made it to our seat
Roll Tide
Discovered that Wallace chews on the end of his shaker just like mommy
Got to drink some of mommy's diet coke (what a treat)
Chanted "we're number one" all the way back to the car
Finally went to sleep 30 min. out of Decatur
It was the perfect day to take Wallace to his first game and he had so much fun. I cannot wait until next year to go again! ROLL TIDE!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


What do you do when you are tired of raking leaves? Jump in them....of course! Last weekend Wallace and Dada had lots of fun playing in the leaves!

When yard work is done.... watch FOOTBALL!
On Sunday night both kids had fever so Monday, we got to spend the afternoon in the Dr.'s office. This sweet girl had a little fever but it went away quickly. You would never know she was sick.
string bean
Since she is now 4mo. old we decided to try some rice cereal!
This sick little boy wanted to help! He had 102 fever and had to go back to the doctor on Thurs. and is on steroids, a breathing treatment, and an antibiotic. Probably from playing in the
leaves :)
After breakfast, in the pouring down rain, the FedEx freight truck arrived to bring "boxes". He was so excited but he has no clue what is in them.....have to wait until DEC.
After nap Wallace wanted to entertain Emma-Glenn on the floor.
Singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider to Emma-Glenn
Not so sure EG wants to be a cowboy
Watching Yo Gabba Gabba
It has been a very long week but moments like this are priceless!!!!