Saturday, December 1, 2012

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas at Meme and Pop's House

Our last stop for Christmas festivities was Meme and Pop's house.
Wade and Wallace hiding under the table.
Emma-Glenn giving Wade some hugs.
Wallace and Billy
Meme and Emma-Glenn
After a delicious dinner, the kids put on a show full of dancing and gymnastics. Here is Willa doing her tricks,
and Emma-Glenn doing her favorite trick!
Meme and Whitt
Uncle Bubba and Emma-Glenn

Sir and Gigi's House

After the whirlwind of Christmas at our house, we went to Gigi and Sir's house to have Christmas! Talk about excitement!!!
The girls
Wallace showing Soles his Leappad
Me and my sassy girl
Two little sassy girls
These four little monkeys were so excited to see each other on Christmas morning!
Emma-Glenn had a hard time staying awake to open presents
I LOVE the excitement on Wallace's face!!!
Emma-Glenn and her bitty baby.
What a good little mommy
Sweet cousins
The nerds playing Angry Birds...I mean really, it is Christmas morning!!!
Sisterly love
This is Emma-Glenn's new favorite move!
Wallace was so excited that Soles and Louisa gave him the Imaginext Joker Play House
Popping our poppers
Wearing our crowns
The whole family!!!
When we got home, we had to paint fingernails with our new Hello Kitty polish,
play with all of our Imaginext stuff,
ride our scooter,
and play our Leappad. After that, we ALL needed a nap before celebrating again!